New information

Our new technology and products “Fine-pitch Area-array Probe-unit” is now published in the SWTest Asia 2018.

“A High-density Area-array Probe-unit with Non-discontinuous Fan-out Structure without Space Transformer using Monolithic Fabrication Method”


ProbeAce current status

Since establishment in 1999, ProbeAce has been developing and accumulating the patented technology as the world-top-class “Fine-pitch multi-I/O connection technology”, starting with the probe card technology used in the semiconductor wafer test. Our technology can widely expand to the IoT market as the versatile multi-connection technologies, as well as FOWLP*1) in the semiconductor fields. This capability is because its versatility, applicability to the future demand, and cost-effectiveness, which other companies do not have and cannot catch up with.

*1) Fan-Out Wafer Level Package


Why does the world need “ProbeAce” now?

Keywords of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are “IoT” and “AI”. As discussing at a tangible electrical circuit layer, the market needs a means that a large mass of information can be transmitted at high speed freely in three-dimensional space, adding the condition that related products can be designed and manufactured cheaper and faster.

ProbeAce is now located under urgent situation in the market because that the time has come for us to propose our prototype products. We have received a request to present a paper from an academic conference, and some inquiries and requests to produce concrete prototypes from many world-class companies. Only ProbeAce technology can meet above conditions in the world. It has been demonstrated in the following that we received orders of the next-generation circuit products from some leading companies. Our unique technology has been protected by original patents. It will be so dangerous for competitors to imitate our patented technologies. No solution exists on a conventional extension line.