ProbeAce Co., Ltd. was participating in the IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop (SWTW2013) and the Exhibits (SWTW Expo) in San Diego, California, from June 9-12, 2013. Our presentation and exhibits was held on the following schedule:


June 11 (Tue.) 11:30-12:00AM in the Session 6

Title: Novel Probe Card with High Count of Needles in Single Sheet for Universal Wafer Testing

Presenter: Dr. Gunsei Kimoto, President of ProbeAce Co., Ltd.


June10 (Mon.) 5:00-8:00PM

June 11 (Tue.) 2:30-4:30PM


In this show, we will present a novel design and manufacturing method for next-generation probe cards. This new method, termed as the Advanced Micro-Mechanical Electrical Chemical System (AMMECS), is a combination of the probe unit architecture called “Gun-Kimo Probe,” which provides a solution for fine-pitch probe arrangements for testing 2.5D/3D TSV stacking and parallelism of high-end ICs, and “Gun-Kimo Card,” which provides a solution for dense and multi-layered wiring problems. This method consists of the following characteristic structure and technology. (1) Multi-probe needle structure in a single sheet as a basic probe element, and a combination of these multiple probe sheets that meets a universal wafer testing method. (2) Precise tip motion controllable structure for contamination-free probe. (3) Simple wiring board and micro-connection structure using the automatic Cu-wiring technology. (4) Automatic design and manufacturing system for cost reduction and short delivery.