SEMICON Taiwan 2012, 5-7 Sept.


ProbeAce Co., Ltd. has achieved a world first Full-automatic Probe Assembly Mechanical System for wafer test. —Probe assembly capability down to 10 um pitch—


ProbeAce Co., Ltd. has realized next generation probe cards and full-automatic precision probe assembly system for high-pin-count and fine-pitch probe card architecture. This novel and unique technology can be effective solution for multi-DUT tests of LCD-driver ICs and 3D-TSV based mobile ICs.

What is our innovative work?

One of the difficult challenges in this research was the development of mechanical automatic system, which assembles precisely and automatically micro spring needles of around 10 micron-thickness. This achievement was based on the fruit of their long years of research by fusing precision mechanical technology, robot technology, laser processing, and image processing technology. This automatic assembly system can provide short Time-to-Market and test cost reduction.

Who we are

ProbeAce Co., Ltd., since establishment of 1999 by the founder and the president, Dr. Kimoto, has developed a unique and novel methodology of entire probe card design and manufacturing system. Consequently, it has been reached that a single design technology and manufacturing system can realize probe cards applying for most applications in leading IC test categories, such as area array and multi-adjoining-die of peripheral staggered array with fine-pitch and high-pin-count.