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19 March 2019, ProbeAce (PA) signs a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with aps Solutions GmbH (APS) ,  located in Munich, for exclusive Distribution of PA’s contactor technologies in EU and Israel.  >>> Go to Media

2019年3月19日に当社は、ドイツミュンヘンに本社を置くaps Solutions GmbH社と、EUとIsrael市場における当社が有するチップコンタクト技術の独占販売店契約に関するMOUにサインした。→Media 参照

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aps Solutions sells Chip contacting Technology of ProbeAce in Europe and Israel
19 March 2019 – aps Solutions GmbH (APS) announced signing a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with ProbeACE (PA), an innovative Japanese Probe Card manufacturer, for exclusive Distribution of PA’s contactor technologies in EU and Israel. ProbeAce recently announced their “Fine-Pitch Area-Array Probe-Unit”, a Contactor solution, which is focusing on the increasing market of IoT (Internet of Things) devices as the versatile multi-connection technology as well as FOWLP (Fan-Out Wafer Level Package) package testing.
ProbeAce has succeeded in developing a new Probe Card opening up a new era of wafer level package. ProbeAce has achieved drastic cost reduction on high-performance Probe Cards with new design and manufacturing methods, characterized by a film-shaped probe-and-wire integrated sheet structures in response to increasing demand of cost effective contacting solutions.
To expand the pitch between pins from the wafer-level fine-pitch in the densification area (the Probe Head) to the wider Probe Card PCB technology pitch, ProbeAce uses a proprietary monolithic manufacturing method. Fan-out patterns are seamless formed continuously from each probe to optional test area without any high
cost space-transformers/interposers generally used in current probe cards. This characteristic nondiscontinuous fan-out pattern structure reduces reflection losses; furthermore designing impedance-matching structures along the signal lines enables superb electrical performance also for RF applications.
Dr. Gunsei Kimoto, President of ProbeAce stated: “With this innovative method, massive probe and fan-out patterns were designed and manufactured significantly cheaper and faster. We have developed a 22.5-um pitch and 30,000-pins-class area-array probe-unit with non-discontinuous fan-out structure without interposer substrates using the monolithic fabrication method and demonstrated the high precision probe array and high
“I’m impressed about ProbeAce’ technology for the Semiconductor wafer test, which we now can provide to our customers in Europe and Israel. Working for more than 25 years as Production Manager in large wafer test sites, I was faced with the increasing costs and interfacing complexity of high pin-count and high parallelism Probe Cards as a consumable product for the wafer test – the ProbeAce approach might be a “Game Changer””, said Hanns-Georg Ochsenkuehn, Managing Director of APS.


2019年3月19日― aps Solutions (APS)は、ProbeAce(PA)(日本の革新的プローブカード製造メーカ)とEUとIsraelにおけるPAのコンタクタ技術に関する独占販売店についてのMOUにサインしたことを発表した。ProbeAceは最近、”Fine-Pitch Area-Array Probe-Unit”と称するコンタクタソリューションを発表した。これは、益々増加するIoTデバイス市場におけるコンタクタの課題に焦点を当てたものであり、FOWLP (Fan-Out Wafer Level Package)の他、汎用的なマルチコネクション技術に適用するものである。




「私は、EUとIsraelの我々の顧客に供給できるこの半導体ウェハテストのためのProbeAce技術に感動した。ウェハテストにおけるプロダクションマネージャとして25年以上携わり、ウェハテストの消耗品としてのプローブカードにおいて、多ピン化と複数テスト化の増大するコストとインターフェースの複雑化に直面してきた。ProbeAceのアプローチは、“Game Changer”となるかもしれない。」とHanns-Georg Ochsenkuehn, Managing Director of APSは述べている。

Our new technology and products “Fine-pitch Area-array Probe-unit” is now published in the SWTest Asia 2018.

“A High-density Area-array Probe-unit with Non-discontinuous Fan-out Structure without Space Transformer using Monolithic Fabrication Method”


ProbeAce current status

Since establishment in 1999, ProbeAce has been developing and accumulating the patented technology as the world-top-class “Fine-pitch multi-I/O connection technology”, starting with the probe card technology used in the semiconductor wafer test. Our technology can widely expand to the IoT market as the versatile multi-connection technologies, as well as FOWLP*1) in the semiconductor fields. This capability is because its versatility, applicability to the future demand, and cost-effectiveness, which other companies do not have and cannot catch up with.

*1) Fan-Out Wafer Level Package


Why does the world need “ProbeAce” now?

Keywords of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are “IoT” and “AI”. As discussing at a tangible electrical circuit layer, the market needs a means that a large mass of information can be transmitted at high speed freely in three-dimensional space, adding the condition that related products can be designed and manufactured cheaper and faster.

ProbeAce is now located under urgent situation in the market because that the time has come for us to propose our prototype products. We have received a request to present a paper from an academic conference, and some inquiries and requests to produce concrete prototypes from many world-class companies. Only ProbeAce technology can meet above conditions in the world. It has been demonstrated in the following that we received orders of the next-generation circuit products from some leading companies. Our unique technology has been protected by original patents. It will be so dangerous for competitors to imitate our patented technologies. No solution exists on a conventional extension line.